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These calculations are based on the prices determined by the Turkish Dental Association. The price range is given. Please get a Free Examination Appointment for the price. 

Factors Affecting Implant Prices 

In 2019, implant prices has increased with the increase in exchange rates and prices by 20-25%. The calculation criteria are updated accordingly.  

Under this title, the materials to be used for implant, service warranty period, the adequacy of the surgical team, the type of prosthesis to be used and, of course, the methods to be used by the physician or patient for implant treatment are the factors affecting the implant prices. 

  • Brand of Implant Screw Used  

Due to the competition in the dental implant sector, there are more than 500 implant manufacturers in the market. These are the A Plus brands produced in Sweden, Germany and America as well as very cheap brands produced in countries such as China, Korea and Pakistan. 

  • Clinically Approved Warranty Period of Implant Treatment 

The clinics, which promise a reachable warranty period, generally prefer quality treatment methods that they can give long-term guarantees to avoid any difficulties in the future. This may increase the cost of treatment. On the contrary, working clinics to save the day may enter into a different search to reduce the cost of treatment, which reduces the cost and the warranty period. For this reason, we recommend you to choose a clinic that you can trust while choosing the clinic you want to implant. 

  • The Professionalism, Experience and Educational Level of the Surgical Team Implementing Implant Treatment 

The treatment should be performed by a professional and experienced team in order to perform the most appropriate surgical procedure during implant treatment. 

  • The type of prosthesis planned to be done on the implant screws applied 

Implant prosthesis are the most important factors affecting the success of implant treatment. Implant screws shorten the life of the implant screws when not selecting a correct prosthesis. Implant prostheses have many varieties such as porcelain coating, zirconium coating, fixed prosthesis, movable prosthesis, screw prosthesis, glued prosthesis. Which type of prosthesis is preferred is one of the important factors affecting implant prices. The important point here is to determine the correct indication and to choose the right type of prosthesis. 

  • Choosing the method for Implant Treatment  

Implant treatment consists of two stages: the surgical stage and the prosthesis construction phase. We will talk about the methods that can be preferred for these two phases. 

Surgical Stage  

It can be applied by two different methods as one-stage surgery and two-stage surgery. 

  • Two Stage Surgery  

The implant screw is inserted in the first stage. It is completely closed during the time it takes for the implant to join the jawbone. When this period is completed, the second stage of surgery is performed. And it is made visible by a simple surgery. The advantage of this method is that the risk of infection is very low as the implant is completely closed during the recovery period. The disadvantage is that it requires a second surgical stage. 

  • One Stage Surgery  

In one-stage surgery, when the implant is placed, it is not completely covered and is visible from the outside. The advantage of this method is that single implant treatment is performed with a single surgical procedure. The disadvantage is that the risk of infection is higher because the implant is open during the recovery period. 

Prosthesis Construction  

In the prosthetic construction phase, two different methods, called early loading and late loading, can be applied. 

  • Early Loading  

Immediately after implant surgery is taken the method takes three days of duration. In this method, while the implanted implants are recovering, the patient can also use their teeth. The advantage of this method is that it is the fastest method of implant therapy. The disadvantage is that the chewing pressure on the implant screws in the healing process may prevent the healthy healing of the implants. This risk is almost negligible only when the correct indication is selected. 

  • Late Loading  

It is the method expected for at least 3 months in the upper jaw and at least 2 months in the lower jaw to fully recover the implant screws placed before prosthesis construction. The advantage of this method is that the healing is much healthier because the implants are left to their own state during the healing process. The disadvantage is that the patient who underwent implant was left toothless for two or three months. This process can be made more comfortable by making temporary teeth. 

Does SSI satisfy the implant fee? 

Implant treatment is a paid treatment even if it is done in public hospitals rather than in a private clinic. 

What are the people who are treated with implant treatment think about implant treatment and prices? 

After a while, we asked our patients whose implant treatment was completed, their opinions on implant treatment and implant prices. We hope that these experiences will help our patients who consider about implant treatment. 

  • After a certain age, there are other health problems but tooth problems are experienced too much. After the age of 50, I was tired of toothache, breakage, and trampled the food in the empty palate. I do not use the internet very much, but my niece read a proper article about a place in Sisli. He gave me his address, so I went. Dental screwing method was suggested and I watched the video in the private office. The benefits of the implant were more than the prosthesis. It's like your own teeth. They also said that they are changing free of charge even if they don't keep it at your age. Price was 1000 liras 2 years ago (they said that they would be glad if I write a comment last time I went there and I said I would write) I was a specialist and a friendly talkative dentist in 10 min finished 2 of my teeth. Because I had no teeth, I had to have my other dental treatments done, because the jaws of the screw were recovering in 2 months. 2-3 months later I went to the top of the coating, In the meantime, I have made my other 3 teeth. 5 teeth are not completely separate from my other teeth, just like my own teeth. I thank my friends and doctors. God bless you. The name of the place is alpdent. 

Selami Y., 57.  

  • Hi, I'm Betül, I work in the public as an engineer and my teeth seem bad at a young age. I've had too much of my missing teeth, maybe they were pulled mistakenly. My parents used to take me to the dentist technician when I was a kid as I learned later that not a dentistSometimes I have the smell, I had 1-2 prostheses, they are shaking in between. I called the dentist on the internet. With fear and more affordable price. I came across the Alpdent Dental Group site, I read the reviews, it was actually a little reassuring, even though I was worried I called and they gave me an appointment. I went after the first examination of the missing teeth and they said to me that the most appropriate option will be implant teeth. I just asked them not to have too much pain, and I said a treatment program that wouldn't last long. They did their best to get it right. The implant prices were quite expensive, however, they paid a fine for my budget and divided my credit card to 12, so I had the opportunity to pay the implant prices in installments. As I'm about to run out of debt, as I can't imagine in my teeth, I strongly recommend it, because I know how hard it is to live with it.  

Betül C, 33.  

  • I like laughing, but they say the world is reverse, my teeth are missing, and two of teeth are crooked. My husband was looking for a doctor and I was following my neighbor’s mother's teeth. She went to a clinic for treatment, but his teeth were very bad. She has only 3-4 teeth in the front. After 4-5 months later I saw the aunt. She was just like 10 years younger, his speech and his voice became younger. Her speech wasn't bad as it was before. His teeth were better than mine. They were going to a place called Alpdent in Mecidiyeköy. They praised it, but the change I already saw didn't need any comment. I made an appointment and I went. The price was very cheap, 4 teeth was made of zirconium coating on which I decided to investigate. I became very sad to wait for so long. I would like to thank the Alpdent team for all their efforts and smiles. 

Asiye G., 38.  


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