How to Wear Teeth
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The first question that comes to our patients who need braces treatment is the question ım How do the braces attach? Diş. For this reason, we will share with you what we know about how to wear braces in this article. First of all, the condition of your teeth at the beginning of the treatment should be recorded before the braces are inserted. Thanks to these records, measurements are made on the first state of your teeth and measurements are performed to provide benefit in the treatment. Dental braces treatment is a long-lasting and slow treatment and as your teeth improve, the old state is forgotten. It reminds you and your doctor of your old condition. Recording of the initial state of your teeth is done in the digital environment by taking pictures with the teeth. In our clinic, your teeth, profile and facade images are photographed and recorded in three dimensions before the treatment. In addition, 2-3 minutes of video footage of your teeth and lips on the move in the postures and gestures are recorded. Thanks to this data, the most suitable smile design for you is determined effectively and treatment is started. After the registration of the teeth is completed, the process is started. When attaching the braces, the tooth surfaces must be dry. For this, a plastic called retractor is used to prevent your lips and cheeks from touching the surface of your teeth. Then the square-shaped braces that we call the bracket are adhered to the teeth with special braces. These adhesives are hardened when they see the blue light. Therefore, after the brackets are placed on your teeth, light is applied on the blue wavelength. This process is continued with a bracket on each tooth. After all the brackets are attached, the retractor is removed and attached to the elongated wire brackets passing through the center of the brackets by means of tires.

How long does it take for a braid?
This process is completely related to hand speed and hand habits will be completely related to the person you are going to do. In our clinic, it is completed in about 20 minutes. When the jaws are inserted into 2 jaws, the wearing period is very difficult and especially the first one week significantly reduces the comfort of our patient. For this reason, in our clinic, the braces usually do not attach to 2 jaws at the same time. First the upper jaw starts and then the lower jaw. Since this method does not change the total treatment time, nothing is lost and a more comfortable working environment is provided.

Is it wicked?
Attaching the braces is a painless, painless procedure. Patients who come to our clinic usually feel uneasy before the braces are attached, they say that they are not so easily expected and surprised after the procedure. If you're going to get braces, how to feel, how to stop, you can be excited about such issues. But DON'T FEAR. Attaching the braces definitely won't hurt you. It is not difficult to handle the hairdresser.

Does the Threading of the Dental Wire Damage the Teeth?
Dental braces treatment, dental braces fitting, removal of the correct material is used in the correct method does not harm your teeth. When your treatment is over, it's like nothing's been done to your teeth. Dental braces treatment is superior to any other aesthetic applications that do not disturb the natural structure of the tooth. If the teeth are broken, the teeth are broken and re-adhered to the teeth. For this reason, in our clinic, the rules that should be paid attention to every patient who has braces in the beginning of the treatment are explained effectively and this consciousness is created. Another important point is the habit of brushing teeth during treatment. During the treatment of braces occurs food retention areas around the wires. These areas should be effectively cleaned daily. In our clinic, tooth brushing training is given to every patient with braces. Inadequate brushing of teeth during treatment results in decay in the teeth, especially around the brackets. Only one should not forget; the reason for this decay is not the braces but the inadequacy of brushing.

How to remove the braces?
The braces should be removed when the braces treatment is finished. There are special materials used to remove the braces. By using these materials, all the braces on the top are removed as soon as 1 minute. Removing the dental wire is very simple and takes very short. After the braces are removed, the second step is to clean the residual adhesive residues on the teeth. The important point is the step of cleaning adhesives. Because special materials produced for the removal of adhesives and which do not damage the enamel of the tooth should be used. Because these materials are expensive, they can be engraved with other materials if they are used.


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