Transparent Braces
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Braces treatment is a treatment that improves the diameter, curvature and dislocations in the teeth, ie the position disorders in the teeth. It is a treatment with systems that constitute a force that will cause orthodontic movement in the teeth. About 30 years ago, the treatment of braces was done with the metals called the brackets which were glued on the teeth and in the square form. Although these metal brackets correct the teeth at the desired level, the aesthetic appearance of the teeth diminishes the area of use. For this reason, researchers began to find the same result with metal brackets and aesthetically less obvious systems. And the concept of transparent braces came up.

Invisible Braces

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Nowadays, there are three kinds of invisible braces, although it is generally transparent plaque applications when it is called transparent braces. These 3 systems, which are named as transparent braces and are more aesthetic than metal braces, are as follows.

• Lingual orthodontics
• Transparent plate
• Transparent bracket

Differences Between Transparent Braces Types
Transparent types of braces differ from each other in many aspects such as the material treatment process, treatment comfort. We will discuss these differences separately under each topic.

Lingual Orthodontics

Lingual Ortodonti

Lingual orthodontics; orthodontic treatment of the dental wire by adhering to the inner side of the teeth. Since the braces are on the inside of the teeth, nothing is visible when viewed from the outside. This is the biggest advantage of lingual orthodontics. However, lingual orthodontics has 3 major disadvantages.
The first of these; language to create a serious sense of comfort and reduce the comfort of life.
Latter; prolongation of treatment time. For example, in a year with normal braces ends in a year, lingual orthodontics ends in 1.5 years.
The third one is that it is about 3 times more expensive than normal teeth.
Although lingual orthodontics had a great interest in the first years, it has been understood that there is not much useful system as time goes by and especially lingual orthodontics has not started to be preferred in the market with all these disadvantages. After the introduction of transparent plaque treatment, lingual orthodontics has lost its greatest advantage due to the invisibility advantage of lingual orthodontics by offering transparent plaque treatments.

Şeffaf Plak

Şeffaf Plak

Transparent plaque treatment; Among the transparent braces we have mentioned above, it is the least certain and the most comfortable. Invisalign system has clean names such as cleanaligner, asoaligner, digiorto. The biggest advantage is that it can be removed and removed. In the treatment of normal braces, while eating, food escapes between your teeth and cleaning is a problem. In the treatment of transparent plaque, you can eat your meals comfortably while you take your plates out and there is nothing in your mouth. In addition, due to the bad appearance of the braces in the treatment of braces, patients feel uncomfortable when attending the wedding or private invitations. In the case of transparent plaque treatment, when you remove your plaques, you have a normal appearance as if you are not receiving any treatment. Even if you do not remove your plates, they are not transparent because they are transparent.
Again in the treatment of normal braces, it is very easy to get used to the transparent plaques while the braces can irritate the lips on the cheeks.
The disadvantages of transparent plaque treatment are; can not fix any disorder, the use area is limited. Your doctor should decide whether you can use it in your teeth. Other disadvantage; The speed and success of the correction of the teeth depends on the daily attachment amounts of our patients' plaques. This is the most common problem in the treatment of transparent plaque. Plates should be used at least 20 hours per day so that the teeth can be corrected at the desired level. This is not the case because normal braces are attached to the teeth. The teeth begin to improve from the day of insertion of the braces and not to wear the patient. Transparent plaques are the systems that can be inserted and removed by our patients, and the treatment proceeds in direct proportion to the effort of our patients.

Is Transparent Plate Wire Correct Teeth?
The orthodontic force to move the teeth must be established to correct the position disturbance in the teeth. After this force is formed, the teeth begin to heal. It doesn't matter which system is created by this force. With this logic, transparent plaque treatment is no different from the normal tooth wire.

How to Prepare Transparent Plaque?
First of all, we measure the photos, x-rays and teeth of our patients. In the light of these data, treatment planning is done and the measurements taken are sent to the laboratory for the preparation of transparent plates.
Dental measurements in the laboratory are read with optical readers and transferred to computer environment. And again in the computer environment is slightly corrected and a new measure is obtained. The first transparent plate is printed on the new measurement. Then the teeth are slightly corrected to obtain a new dimension and a new plate is printed. This process continues until the teeth are completely corrected, and 10-20 transparent plates are obtained depending on the condition of the initial disorder of the teeth.

How to Use Transparent Plaque

Şeffaf Plak Nasıl Kullanılır


Transparent plates should be worn and removed. Usually, the new plate is switched to a new plate every 2 weeks. Some plaques alone can be used for up to 1 week and some for up to 3 weeks. For this reason, your doctor should decide when you will pass to your next record.

How long does transparent plaque treatment last?
How long the transparent plaque treatment will last; • To the amount of disordered teeth
• Varies depending on how much transparent plates are inserted during the day.

Transparent Bracket

Şeffaf Braket

In this system, the brackets attached to the teeth are not metal but transparent. Transparent brackets are much less pronounced than metal braces. Transparent braces are the most commonly used method of transparent braces. There are 3 types of brackets that can be used as transparent brackets in the market. These; Hard plastic brackets, ceramic brackets, sapphire brackets.
Hard plastic brackets are the cheapest in transparent brackets. It is usually chinese. Flexibility feature prevents the desired tooth movements to be made completely. It is usually used in low cost dental clinics to lower the cost of treatment. Ceramic brackets and sapphire brackets are close to each other and provide the desired result effectively.

Şeffaf Braket

Ceramic or sapphire brackets 2 have significant disadvantages.
The first of these; Metal brackets to the surface of the teeth do not adhere as well. For this reason, they break more easily than metal brackets, should be used with caution. We recommend not to use in patients with age who do not have the consciousness to pay attention to their wires.
The second disadvantage is; In cases where oral hygiene is insufficient, calculus and tartar accumulate around the teeth and increase the friction force between the brackets. This increases the duration of treatment. In other words, the use of transparent brackets is not recommended in patients with insufficient oral hygiene in order not to extend the treatment period unnecessarily. However, there is no difference between metal brackets and transparent brackets in patients with good oral hygiene and careful use of the braces.



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